Our Products in "Supermarkets"

Omni Compact™

The Omni Compact™ is ideal for use in situations where people are required to interact with people in close proximity, where it effectively destroys all airborne pathogens, and adds an important layer of air safety and security. The Omni Compact™ fits neatly on any desktop, countertop or at any till-point for easy and convenient use. The Omni Compact™ significantly improves overall air hygiene and assures that a high Air Safety Index (ASI) is attained in its operational space. The unique slip-over cover sleeve allows for the Omni Compact™ to be distinctively branded in corporate colours and to bear customised and highly targeted messaging to a target audience. These units are compact, durable and simple to use. Simply plug-in-and-use.


Sovereign TiPro™

The Sovereign TiPro™ has been developed specifically for indoor environments where groups of individuals are gathered. The Sovereign TiPro™ is intended to optimise the delivery of a high Air Safety Index (ASI) quotient, comprised of superior Air Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality, in larger spaces by means of the deployment of one or more units from the Sovereign TiPro™ range. These units should, preferably, be installed so that the performance envelope of each unit is arranged in an overlapping configuration. The Sovereign TiPro™ effectively destroys all airborne pathogens, thereby adding an important layer of air safety and security for the benefit of the room occupants. Additionally these units are designed to neutralise all volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and chemically activated compounds (CAC’s) that may be encountered in the designated indoor environment, thereby significantly enhancing the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).