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Omni Elevate™

The Omni Elevate™ is carefully designed to optimise the delivery of a high Air Safety Index (ASI) quotient and superior air hygiene and air quality in spatially constrained spaces that have a high propensity for the accumulation of airborne bioburden and contaminants. The Omni Elevate™ effectively destroys all airborne pathogens, thus adding an important layer of air safety and security and at the same time eliminating unpleasant odours. The Omni Elevate™ integrates easily into the architecture of most passenger elevators and public restrooms and toilet facilities, the targeted use-application sites, with three different form factors being offered in the range. The unique slip-over cover sleeve allows for the Omni Elevate™ to be distinctively branded in corporate colours and to bear customised and highly targeted messaging to a target audience. These units are compact and durable, but do require professional installation.