Sovereign TiPro™

The Sovereign TiPro™ comprises a range of high performance air hygiene device from Air Revolution Technologies™ that is designed to operate within larger public-spaces either within the ambit, for example of an open-plan office, or a schoolroom, or a lecture room, or some other large open space, bringing reliable and dependable air hygiene, air safety and indoor air quality to the multiplicity of room occupants. The Sovereign TiPro™ is therefore an essential component of any health and safety strategy across your business, social or educational enterprise, whether large or small in extent.

The Sovereign TiPro™ is available in six varying configurations, being either wall-mounted or ceiling mounted in small. medium and large sizes respectively.

The Sovereign TiPro™ offers an exceptional and assured improvement in both Air Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality quotients and is effective for an effective operational footprint for each unit ranging from a maximum of 40m2 / 430 ft2  to a maximum of 100m2 / 1,076 ft2 at standard ceiling heights. Units are intended and designed to be deployed and installed in multiples of units that will provide an overlapping coverage pattern that will provide a high level of functional performance and an adequate assurance of the reduction of airborne generated infection risk, and additionally, will provide a continuous remediation of all exogenous factors affecting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

All Sovereign TiPro™ units are supplied with a set of Window & Door Decals that announces to your customers, students, learners and your staff, that the indoor environment is ‘Protected by Air Revolution’.

  • 110 ~ 240V AC models available.
  • Incorporates germicidal UV-C light for enhanced pathogen destruction.
  • TiO₂ layer with UV-C activation provides an effective PCO reaction that amplifies germicidal action & VOC/CAC reduction by means of the production of Hydroxyl Radicals.
  • Negative Ionisation aggregated airborne pathogens & contaminants and facilitates removal of dust, cigarette smoke and pollen spores.
  • Low Power Consumption <40w ~ <70w.
  • Estimated Operating Hours between Servicing >10,000 hours.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel / Epoxy-Powder Coated Mild Steel Finish.


Maximum Recommended Area Coverages per unit size
1. Small 40m2 / 430 ft2
2. Medium 60m2 / 646 ft2
3. Large 100m2 / 1,076 ft2
Maximum Cubic Volume Coverage (Assumes a Standard Ceiling Height of 2.4m / 7.87ft)
1. Small 96m3 / 3,390 ft3
2. Medium 144m3 / 5,085m3
3. Large 240m3 / 8,475ft3
Active Air Hygiene Modalities Applied Trivalently:
Germicidal Ultraviolet Light A(UV-C @ 253.7 nm) Yes
Photocatalytic Oxidation (Activated by UV-C @ 253.7 nm) Yes
Negative Ion Generation (~3-million N-Ions / cm3) Yes
Entrained Airflow:
1. Small 0.56m3 / 20ft3 per min.
2. Medium 1.02m3 / 36ft3 per min.
3. Large (Wall Mounted Units) 1.69m3 / 60ft3per min.
4. Large (Ceiling Mounted Units) 2.03m3 / 72ft3 per min.
TiO₂ Layer Surface:
1. Small 385 cm2 / 59.68 in2
2. Medium 693 cm2 / 107.41 in2
3. Large 1,000 cm2 / 155.01 in2
Radiated Electrical Energy:
1. Small 32 µW/cm2@1m / 4.96 µW/in2@3.28ft
2. Medium 51 µW/cm2@1m / 7.90 µW/in2@3.28ft
3. Large (Wall Mounted) 92 µW/cm2@1m / 14.26 µW/in2@3.28ft
4. Large (Ceiling Mounted) 156 µW/cm2@1m / 24.2 µW/in2@3.28ft
Lamp Power Rating:
1. Small 18 Watts
2. Medium 18 Watts
3. Large 55 Watts
1. Small < 30 dB
2. Medium < 40 dB
3. Large < 50 dB
1. Small 2.0kg / 4.4lbs
2. Medium 3.2kg / 7.1lbs
3. Large 4.0 kg / 8.8lbs
1. Small (HWD) 385x120x80 mm / 15.15×4.72×3.15 in
2. Medium (HWD) 593x165x80 mm / 23.64×6.49×3.15 in
3. Large (Wall Mounted) (HWD) 800x210x70 mm / 31.49×8.27×2.76 in
4. Large (Ceiling Mounted) (HWD) 625x130x225 mm / 24.60×5.12×8.86 in

Note:  All specifications are subject to change without prior notification.